Love Your Latency: Ivar Grydeland / Jan Bang / Michael Duch / Torben Snekkestad / Tone Åse etc

 — (CEST, UTC+02) — (CEST, UTC+02)

Kraftverk, Studenthuset Bare, Skippergata, Kristiansand

Love your Latency

This is the second performance from CreaTeME’s project Love your Latency, and it takes place simultaneously in Kristiansand and Oslo. Musicians located in Trondheim, the Austrian city of Graz, Oslo and Kristiansand are brought together in same online virtual studio and presents the musical outcome in hybrid onsite and online parallel performances.  

As a result of different room acoustics, and the online travel-time for audio and video between the participating musicians, we are facing a peculiar situation. Audiences at Kraftverk in Kristiansand and at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, as well as the performers, are challenged by juggling multiple here-and-nows, prompting us to ponder questions about togetherness and the perception of time in different temporalities and spaces.  

On stage in Kristiansand: Jan Bang – live sampling   Torben Snekkestad (reeds)

On stage in Oslo Sarah-Jane Summers – strings Ivar Grydeland – pedal steel guitar and electronics   In Trondheim: Tone Åse – voice and electronics

In Graz: Michael F. Duch – double bass Christopher A. Williams – double bass