Dypt konsentrert og improvisert samspill kjennetegner Audun Kleive og Jan Bangssamarbeid. Kveldens konsert blir en oppdagelsesreise i klangstruktur, jazz og elektronika: en opplevelse du nok sent vil glemme.

Jan Bang Veteraner med kjemi Audun Kleive og Jan Bang er to prisvinnende veteraner i norsk improvisert musikk. Perkusjonsforbildet Kleive har ulike slagverk som sitt hovedinstrument – og har vært en sentral skikkelse i det norske jazzmiljøet siden 80-tallet. Han har minst 200 utgivelser med ulike band bak seg, pluss fem album under eget navn.

Der Kleive vet å slå ifra seg, skrur den profilerte musikeren og produsenten Jan Bang konsentrert på miksebordets knotter. Bang står blant annet bak den grensesprengende Punktfestivalen i Kristiansand. Der har Kleive og Bang gjort flere remixer sammen – før de ga ut plata The Periphery of a Building i 2017. Sammen skaper de en type musikk som har sitt utspring i jazz og Brian Eno-skolen av ambient- og samtidsmusikk.

Internasjonalt nedslagsfelt De to er ettertraktede musikere og har samarbeidet med en rekke internasjonale størrelser som Jon Hassell, Marilyn Mazur, Jon Balke, Terje Rypdal, Sly & Robbie, Sidsel Endresen, Hamid Drake, Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset, Nils Petter Molvær og Ensemble Modern.


NDOHO ANGE dance, spoken words SUSANA SANTOS SILVA trumpet JAN BANG electronics JAMIE SAFT piano, keyboard, Fender Rhodes PASQUALE MIRRA vibraphone, percussions JOSHUA ABRAMS double bass, guembri HAMID DRAKE drums, percussion, vocals Some tributes are bigger than others. Especially when it is one legend paying tribute to another, as in this case with Hamid Drake's homage to the icon Alice Coltrane. African-American activist, composer, organ player, cosmic pianist, author of several books, harpist, and spiritual master Alice Coltrane was a woman with an extraordinary ability and capacity to bring uplift, renewal and regeneration to all those who crossed her path and listened to her music, which happened to Hamid Drake when he met her as a 16-year-old. A meeting that led to letter correspondence and essential inspiration for Drake's artistic work. The sound of Alice Coltrane is the sound of spiritual jazz. She was a guiding light for many musician’s older than her and those younger. It can be easy to end up in the shadow of a great like her husband John Coltrane, but she had an artistic and spiritual vision that has contributed to her music and legacy shining ever stronger. A music that has proven to have a great influence both within and outside the world of jazz. What is left of her multi-faceted, brilliant trajectory? To answer this question, Hamid Drake relies solely on his drums and the memories of his long correspondence with the musician. As well as on his breathtaking talent, of course. Just as brilliant as the group of top-notch international musicians that accompanies him honoring “The Other Coltrane”


Hamid Drake’s Turiya: Honoring Alice Coltrane USA-France-Portugal-Norway-Italy Ndoho Ange - dance, spoken words, Susana Santos Silva - trumpet Jan Bang - electronics Jamie Saft - piano, keyboard, Fender Rhodes, Pasquale Mirra - vibraphone, percussions Joshua Abrams - double bass, guembri Hamid Drake - drums, percussion, vocals

Hamid Drake’s Turiya: “Honoring Alice Coltrane” feat. Naïssam Jalal (US, GB, FR, NO, IT)

The singular Chicago drummer Hamid Drake – a close collaborator of Fred Anderson, Don Cherry and Peter Brötzmann among others – first met Alice Coltrane at a concert in the Chicago area when he was only 16 years old. At the time, the keyboardist and singer had come into her own creatively and the young percussionist carried on a correspondence with the artist who helped him achieve his truly holistic musical world. He formed this ensemble to celebrate her spirit, touching on her exploratory jazz work and the religious music she performed at her Northern California ashram. Thanks to Drake’s endless invention on percussion, the group’s shape-shifting performances move through different tunes, grooves, and moods with seamless grace. The core band is comprised of bassist and long-time collaborator Joshua Abrams (Natural Information Society), the multifarious keyboardist Jamie Saft, sampladelic Norwegian DJ Jan Bang and the rising Italian vibraphonist Pasquale Mirra. For this special performance, the group’s frontline will include the British trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey, a key member of London jazz groups like Nérija, Kokoroko and SEED Ensemble, as well as the French-Syrian flutist Naïssam Jalal as special guest, rounding out a line-up that individually brings out different sides of Coltrane’s generous artistry.

Line-up Naïssam Jalal flute Sheila Maurice-Grey trumpet Jan Bang electronics Jamie Saft piano, keyboards, Fender Rhodes Pasquale Mirra vibraphone, percussions Joshua Abrams double bass, guembri Hamid Drake drums, percussions, vocals


Jan Bang / Ensemble Modern / Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and Jacopo Godani

With these hands expresses the overall concept: every evening, a new dialogue will take place between music and dance. The musicians from Ensemble Modern and the dancers from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company will give each other impulses, developing sounds and movements that will be recorded, processed, altered and reintroduced into the creative flow by Norwegian jazz musician and live electronics artist Jan Bang. The result will be a slowly changing stream of movement and music in which sound and dance become inextricably intertwined.

Ensemble Modern is one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music. It brings together approximately 20 soloists whose diverse origins provide the cultural background for the group’s creative efforts.

Jan Bang is a Norwegian musician and record producer. He is a musical innovator and bridge-builder who has repeatedly succeeded in uniting progressive thought with appealing elements of popular culture.





Concept and Choreography Jacopo Godani
Music Jan Bang (Live-Electronics), Ensemble Modern (Dietmar Wiesner - Flute, Saar Berger - Horn, Sava Stoianov - Trumpet, Jagdish Mistry - Violin, Eva Böcker - Violoncello,
Norbert Ommer - Sound Control)

Stage/Costumes/Light Jacopo Godani

Perfomance dates:

July 8-11 2021 in Dresden.


Date Event Location
Audun Kleive | Jan Bang: Tolerance and Chemistry Dokkhuset, Trondheim Dokkhuset, Trondheim
Audun Kleive | Jan Bang: Tolerance and Chemistry Operaen, Oslo Operaen, Oslo
Hamid Drake: Turiya - Honoring Alice Coltrane Skopje International Jazzfestival 2022, National Opera, Skopje Skopje International Jazzfestival 2022, National Opera, Skopje
Hamid Drake´s Turiya: honoring Alice Coltrane Vilnius Jazz festival, Vilnius, Lithuania Vilnius Jazz festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
Hamid Drake´s Turiya: Honoring Alice Coltrane Berliner Festspiele: JAZZFEST BERLIN, Berlin Berliner Festspiele: JAZZFEST BERLIN, Berlin
Hamid Drake´s Turiya: Honoring Alice Coltrane Tampere Jazz festival, Tampere Tampere Jazz festival, Tampere
Hamid Drake - Turiya: Honoring Alice Coltrane Guimaraes Jazz, Guimaraes, Portugal Guimaraes Jazz, Guimaraes, Portugal
Hamid Drake: Turiya, honoring Alice Coltrane Jazztopad, Wroclaw, Poland Jazztopad, Wroclaw, Poland
Punkt: Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | Eivind Aarset Norhern Winter Beat, , Aalborg, Denmark Norhern Winter Beat, , Aalborg, Denmark
Michiyo Yagi | Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | Dai Fujikura Paris Paris
Michiyo Yagi | Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | Dai Fujikura Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin
Simin Tander | Jan Bang BASF, Ludwigshafen BASF, Ludwigshafen