Ensemble Modern / Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company / Jan Bang

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Frankfurt Lab, Halle 1, Frankfurt Am Main

In 'With these hands', improvisation determines the overall concept: Every evening, a new dialogue emerges between music and dance. The musicians of the Ensemble Modern as well as the dancers of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company play the impulses, develop noises and movements, which are recorded, edited, changed and re-recorded by Norwegian jazz musician and live electronist Jan Bang. were introduced. This creates a slowly changing stream of movement and music, in which sound and dance are inextricably intertwined. For this production, Jacopo Godani transforms the dancers with the help of oversized head sculptures into epic titans and alien mythological beings, thus creating a world with its very own aesthetics. In recent years, the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and the Ensemble Modern have already realized several joint projects. This successful collaboration is now being continued and expanded to a new dimension through the collaboration with jazz musician and live electronic artist Jan Bang.