With Arve Henriksen

Nattjazz, Bergen

ARVE HENRIKSEN "TOWARDS LANGUAGE" Tuesday May 28 USF Verftet Lyrical, world class trumpet from Norwegian jazz star ​ ARVE HENRIKSEN trumpet JAN BANG live sampling ERIK HONORÉ live sampling EIVIND AARSET guitar ​ The music of Arve Henriksen is marked by a unique sound. Lyrical, yet playful, Henriksen does not shy away from bringing his music in new directions - even in the middle of a concert. His sound is breathtakingly beautiful, and often subject to a test of the rules of jazz, whether he plays with a sax mouthpiece or with no mouthpiece at all. In addition to his own various projects and numerous collaborations, Arve Henriksen is a member of the legendary group Supersilent. This evening he brings with him guitar guru Eivind Aarset and the masters of electronics Bang and Honoré. Together these four make magic. A must see at this years festival.