Jazz d'Or, Berlin

Since its creation in Paris in 1994, trio iXi (Régis Huby / Guillaume Roy / Atsushi Sakaï) has developed a particular link with a rhythmic musical language suggesting sound landscapes or paintings. The meeting with Michele Rabbia, Jan Bang and Eivind Aarset’s poetical and dreamlike universe came together earlier this summer for a three day workshop at Le Triton in Paris. The music developed at in Paris was rhythmically precise, constantly evolving, ever changing in structure/form creating delicate and disturbing textures with mutant combinations.

Six highly talented musicians and improvisers are together on stage, coming from very different and complementary musical universes. Norway, France, Italy and Japan : musical cultures and inventions hitting against one another to create an immaterial, timeless and strong music, widely open to space.

Régis HUBY – Violin (FR) Guillaume ROY – Violin (FR) Atsushi SAKAÏ – Cello (JAP) Jan BANG – Electronics (N) Michele RABBIA – Percussions & drums (IT) Eivind AARSET – Guitar (N)